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The Foundation for the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge/ADILKNO: The Media Archive. World Edition."
Originally published as: Stichting ter Bevordering van de Illegale Wetenschap. "BILWET Media-Archief." Amsterdam: Ravijn, 1992 and Agentur Bilwet "Medien-Archiv", Mannheim: Bollmann, 1993.

Translated from the Dutch by Laura Martz, Washington, D.C., and Sakhra -l'Assal/Ziekend Zoeltjes Produkties, Amsterdam, 1997

Adilkno (Dutch: "Bilwet"), the Foundation for the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge, was established in Amsterdam in 1983. It is a free association of authors and rechearchers.
In 1985 Adilkno published "The Empire of Images: Radiation Fear and Space Desire", with analyses of "Paris, Texas," "The Day After," and "The Right Stuff." In 1987 it translated into dutch a book of essays by the German critic Wolfgang Pohrt. "Cracking the Movement, Squatting beyond the Media" was published in Dutch by Ravijn Books in 1990, in German in 1991 by Edition ID-Archiv (Berlin) and in 1994 in English by Autonomedia. "The Data Dandy", a collection of essays on technoculture appeared in German (Bollmann Verlag) and Dutch (De Balie) in 1994.In collaboration with the Academy of Ambulantory Sciences, Adilkno has edited since 1989 the yearbook "Arcade."
Many pieces in the "Media Archive" were originally written for the Dutch media art magazine "Mediamatic" and the Belgian film magazine "Andere Sinema" (Other Cinema).

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