What is the Bilwet-Museum?

Chance meetings with unexpected phenomena have given the impetus to the conception of a storehouse of problems and probabilities. The Bilwet Museum has no institutional characteristics. Nowhere the public is allowed to enter any building which contains the collection of items which has been granted intellectual asylum. Sometimes a sample of the file may be displayed, without any explanation. Requests for guided tours are not answered. None is in charge but all can contribute.

The Bilwet Museum is not a tourist attraction. No order has been created yet in the range of images, letters, conjunctions, filled garbage bins and sophisticated data containers. Although the state of affaires inside the premises looks chaotic the Bilwet Museum is based on a clear multirational conception. Unlike institutionalised collections the Bilwet Museum is not explicit about its policy. It takes in objects of all kinds to ascertain the nature of the questions which need to be posed.

As the Bilwet Museum does not have any architectural shape, its collection can be found anywhere. It's branches are numerous, but no manual shows the permanent safe houses and temporary dumps of the unexplained. The Bilwet Museum was born out of the need to suspend the allotment of scientific and social paramenters to foreign facts. As a virtual waiting room for questionable item it wellcomes all misrepresentations and biased views. Only the prolonged exposure to inquiries of the rostrum of self appointed experts may clairify the nature of the items at hand.

From all sides facts, items and objects are brought in. But the aim of the Bilwet Museum is not to accumulate traces. Texts, coincidences and graphics disappear from it's stores at irregular intervals. The Bilwet Museum does not collect items to keep them, but to expose them to ideas and protect them from all too destructive methodologies. There is no catalogue available and dust may prevail in the obscure depots. After a undefined period the director or shift of research fellows may decide to release the object once again. Bilwet is not trying to monopolise a style of thought nor is the Bilwet Museum collecting for eternity.

As a sub-public institution the Bilwet Museum invites anyone to contibute to it's functioning. The confrontation of divers items from spheres without an apparent link is a method which is frequently practiced. The constitution of clouds of phenomenon has been a means to a variety of ends. As such the Bilwet Museum is the tactical formation working in the field of expanded cloud theory.

You are kindly invited to donate to the Bilwet Museum. Draw a list of genuine bogus items which need to be adopted immediately. Or express your thoughts so as to relieve us of the obligation to keep specific facts any longer.